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" Samsara "

Porcelain, enamel, gold and mix media


50 x 45 x 45 cm

19,6 x 17,7x 17,7 in.


Started at the beginning of 2019, one year before the whole world heard about this animal for other catastrofic reasons, my serie Endless draws its inspiration from a small mammal in a voice of extinction; the pangolin. Like the animal, thousands of porcelain scales, whom shapes reproduce those of the pangolin, interlock into each other and form a carapace which covers entirely the surface of my sculptures. The final shapes draws an abstract line, invasive and sinuous, almost looking like snake curves.

Like a Gordian knot, the sculptures of this serie has neither beginning nor end. An hybrid, endless and reptilian creature with an immaculate beauty born from intertwined and sprawling forms .

The course of events seems then reversed. The cycle of life takes another turn and instead of disappearing, a new living being emerges from the pangolin’s scales. A powerful new form springs out fragile porcelain shards. The impression of strength and invasion is palpable. But the delicacy and fragility of porcelain soften this tension. Strength and fragility are balanced to give life to a new form of harmony. 

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